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I would give this place 100 stars if I could!! George was so helpful and you could tell that he was very passionate about it work! We ended up purchasing a ukulele along with a case and two straps! The whole experience was amazing! We were referred by someone from a music chain store, so we new that this place was the real deal!!!! When we walked in we were stunned by the outstanding number of ukuleles! The cool thing is that most of these ukuleles can only be bought at small retailers such as this store! George was very informative and talked us through the different type of ukuleles. You could tell that he was very excited and passionate about his work!! His mom and sister are adorable and helped me pick out a strap for my new uke!!!! Thanks again for helping me find the perfect instrument! Will be back again soon!! :))

~ Lily Kay, Ventura County 01/20/18

“‘The lighter the ukulele, the better the sound’ is the the sort of nugget you’ll hear from George Kaye of Kaye’s Music Scene. For 45 years he’s been selling all manner of instruments at the shop he founded with his dad After Jack Johnson and Jake Shimabukuro revived the ukulele’s popularity, Kay upped his inventory of the traditional Hawaiian instrument.


“He’s partial to the Kanile’a Islander models for their warmer and richer sound, but his walls are lined with more than 150 soprano, concert, tenor, and baritone ukes, banjo-leles, and guitaleles, ranging from $35 to $2,000. The newest offering: waterproof plastic Makala Watermans in candy hues.”

~ Los Angeles Magazine, Best of L.A., August 2015

"This review isn't geared towards the product they sell, but instead the tutoring they offer for someone wanting to learn a new instrument. I found out a few months ago that Kaye's Music Scene offers piano lessons and went over to check it out. It was convenient for me since it was only 10 minutes from where I live, and I can potentially learn to play the piano.


"After a few months of lessons, I think I made a wise decision coming to this store. They have a friendly staff with tutors who are eager to help you learn. I say eager because they will go far and beyond to help you learn. I can always expect to walk into the store and know my tutor has a lesson plan for the day, and will adjust if they see I need to focus on a different technique.


"They're pretty good about scheduling and rescheduling since they understand life happens. They do have a same day no-show policy, but that's understandable. Overall they're flexible with their time.


"Overall, I'm still attending my weekly piano lessons and my skills have greatly improved. I give Kaye's Music Scene 5 stars because they're what I expect from a music store and more. Great staff, great lessons; what more can you ask for?"

~ Oren A, 06/06/15

An award winning music store!

Barbara and George Kaye!

"One of my kids plays (and now collects) ukuleles and never have I seen a more extensive collection of them on a wall before, not even at the U-Town mecca in Little Tokyo. And, of course, George was able to explain the differences in the brands and qualities and materials for any one that I was interested in. We got my daughter her first soprano uke, and for a much better price than I expected. 


"Another one of my kids is learning piano and this was our major reason for searching out the store. In addition to selling digital pianos, they have a music school there as well. We checked out the bulletin board, full of sticky notes corresponding to students and teachers, found our spot and signed up for a weekly lesson. I've met a couple of the teachers and the one we settled on is great. He lets me sit in on the lesson, so I can help my son back home with his weekly assignments. (And, I get to learn that way too!)


"As the world moves closer to buying everything on a website housed in an offshore warehouse, it is nice to know that some things, like great service, can't be outsourced. Looking forward to many years of purchasing and learning instruments with my family here at Kaye's." ~ Dru M., Woodland Hills, CA, 04/30/15

"Would you believe me if I told you I rushed home just to write a review ?! Well it's true ! My experience here could not have been better. Someone mentioned that he was a sweet old man who really loves his job. . . I am here to say that this is true to some degree. He is sweet and very honest, BUT he is not that old ! LOL


"Anyway, I ended up here after a horrible experience with Guitar Center trying to buy

"I went to Kaye's to find a plastic soprano ukulele for my upcoming rtw (round the world) backpacking trip and was so impressed not only with the quality but also the selection. George is so kind, knowledgeable and super helpful! We sat there and played a few ukes and found a winner: a cerulean blue bugsgear uke with a turquoise strap!"

~ Kate C., Los Angeles, 05/04/15

(From Left to Right)  Gary Bivona, Lynn Silverman, Mark Seibert, and George and Sid Kaye!

The Kaye's Music Scene store-front

as it was is 1973!

George Kaye still runs Kaye's Music Scene today!

Call, email, or come visit us today!

my very first guitar. All I can say now, is that I am thankful to have found this amazing little gem as a result. I can confidently say that I will continue to support this little shop and I will recommend my friends and family. I ended up purchasing a Yamaha, and I am very happy with it. It is beautiful to say the least. 


"I do have something to admit though,  I was so excited while I was there that I did not ask him for his name. Other reviewers call him George, so I too, will call him George haha. George in fact was very knowledgable, kind, and helpful and I will tell you why. I am a complete beginner and he took the time to explain the differences and what would work best for me. I could tell he had my best interest at heart. I told him I was a little tight on money, and I could not purchase a guitar bag at the moment, that I would have to come back some other time. Well I don't have to anymore ;) He found a spare bag and let me have it. This is what I call great service. No one does that and that is why it truly touched me. Thank you again George and God Bless ! May your business continue to prosper ! Yelpers I would not lie to you, this is the place to be. Check it out for yourselves ! :)"

~ Emely G., Winnetka, CA, 02/17/15

"After a recent discovery in Hawaii of the Kanile'a made Islander Ukuleles I was in search of the solid mahogany tenor model. I figured I'd probably have to order the uke from a Hawaiian store but took a look around the Islander web site for local dealers. Upon discovering George Kaye's store, I sent a quick email to see if they might have the model I was looking for.


"George responded promptly to tell me they had a few of the model I was looking for as well as some other Islanders I might be interested in. A few days later I made the long drive up to the store late on a Friday afternoon but I'm glad to say it was worth the trip. Kaye's had a fantastic selection, particularly of the Islander models. I knew I was going to take one of them home, but the selection made it a tougher decision than I'd expected. 


"George was very helpful throughout the process and even let me go into a private room so I could spend some time with the instruments and make the best decision. Once I'd decided George added strap buttons at no extra charge and also install a low G string for me. He even offered to throw in a case and allowed me to take the value of the case he was offering and apply it to a very nice looking Tweed case that I wound up purchasing along with my new Islander MST-4 Tenor Mahogany


"By the end of the visit, George had stayed past closing to chat with me and finish up the purchase. I've been playing this uke almost constantly since I brought it home last week and I absolutely love it! The whole experience was a terrific one and I look forward to returning to Kaye's Music Scene again soon." ~ Jeff O., Santa Monica, CA, 11/19/13

"I already play the piano but wanted to start playing the guitar as well. I looked around at a few different shops and Kaye's is by far the best for quality AND value. George really helped me pick out a great guitar when I had no idea which one to get. He took me straight to my budget area and only recommended things I would actually need.


"He is a sweet old man, who really loves his job. If you don't believe me, go in for yourself and see. He knows a lot about the instruments he carries and LOVES helping people find the best instrument for them no matter what your price range is.


“DON"T WASTE YOUR TIME ANYWHERE ELSE. GO TO KAYE'S and you will be VERY HAPPY with your purchase, service, and experience."

~ Briana N., Los Angeles, CA, 10/06/13

Find more up-to-date testimonials at Yelp.com "...Everybody talking about "George", and sure enough, when I first walked in, he was explaining something to some customers. He knows his stuff and loves to help others make informed decisions. A far cry different from the kids who have part time jobs at a large music store, George is what they used to call a proprietor.

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